"I wrote stories for people like me."

So much of this article by Kristen Simmons is familiar to me. This mixed race author, half Japanese and half Caucasian, writes a response to a trade publication review that stated her newest main character, who is mixed race, is an attempt by her to gain “diversity brownie points,” and that she is an example of “ill-conceived tokenism.”


There are so many people of mixed race who don’t look half enough for some people. Who, for reasons beyond their control, have been cut off from some aspects of their culture. Who might not speak the language. Who exist in a perpetual limbo. As the author says:

“This is more than a book issue — this is a life issue. This is how we see ourselves and how we evaluate those around us. As you do both, I urge you to be thoughtful.

Who you are is so much more than a trend, or a checkbox on a questionnaire. You are a collection of experiences, and worthy of your own story. You are a whole, even if someone else wants to break you down into fractions.

You are enough, just as you are.”

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